Classes, Events & Clubs

All of our current classes and clubs are listed in our newsletter, click here for a downloadable pdf.

Our Teachers

Connie Pomering began making quilts in the mid 1980s and teaching classes in 1989.  Connie says color and pattern jumpstart her heart, and she loves quilts that start with the traditional and are tweaked a bit to create a new look.  Connie enjoys trying rulers of all kinds and learning to use them to their full advantage.  When it comes to teaching, Connie says, “What could be better than exploring quilting possibilities with enthusiastic and creative women?”

Catherine Redford took her first quilt class in 1998 and became wildly enthralled with it.  She describes her quilting style as eclectic, contemporary and organic.  Her quilts often feature embroidery and beads.  She enjoys embellishment and exploring free-motion quilting.  She believes everyone is born with a creative spark, and as a quilting teacher, she hopes to turn that spark into a burning desire.

CJ Spensley is a music lover, award-winning quilter, and veteran teacher who specializes in helping beginners master an array of quilting skills that launch them on a successful quilting career.  She likes seeing the “light bulb” go off in a student’s head when they learn something new.  CJ loves batiks and appliqué, and her favorite quilt is “A Heart Full of Joy”, which is bursting with beautiful appliqué.  She said she is most excited about quilting when she doesn’t have to rush and can enjoy the process.

Carol Wilhoit is a doctor by day, quilter by night.  Carol specializes in studying a pattern or idea so she can perfect the process and make it the best it can be.  Carol says that she learns by teaching, as her students’ questions make her think about how to improve the project.  Carol loves the rainbow of brightly-colored fabrics available, and finds the entire sewing and quilting process very relaxing.

Deb Obriecht specializes in hand appliqué and hand quilting, and also is an experienced T-shirt quilt maker and instructor.  Her very first endeavor was helping her mom complete a double wedding ring quilt, and now her favorite quilt is the Baltimore Album.  Deb loves teaching because her students are so appreciative of the instruction they receive.  For Deb, sewing = therapy!

Candice Caruso loves teaching because she appreciates seeing students’ individual interpretation of the original project.  She enjoys the class camaraderie and collaboration of artistic views.  She says she learns from every student, and each new question or suggestion can become a new idea.   Her favorite fabrics are ones with movement.
Although she has a background in telecommunications, Janine Burke is an accomplished teacher, long-arm quilter, and pattern designer.  She is a co-owner/ designer for Blue Underground Studios.  She loves the piecing process, and her favorite quilts are ones that use LOTS of prints.  She has learned that everyone who works with textiles has an artistic nature, and she enjoys seeing students have that “aha!” moment.

Soft-spoken Sue Pawlowski is an expert longarm quilter and pattern designer.  She likes making all kinds of quilts, but particularly ones with small pieces.  Her favorite fabrics are 1930-40s reproductions.  Sue’s focus is precision cutting and piecing, and she will help you make great strides toward accuracy.  Sue is thrilled when she can turn a student into a quilting enthusiast/addict.

Kathleen Herbach’s technical background shows in her quilts—she likes taking on new challenges and says her passion is to constantly improve.  You’ll always learn something new in Kathleen’s classes, probably more than you expected!  Kathleen feeds her creative urge with her favorite fabrics—batiks and brights.  She is always trying new approaches herself and will help you confidently master new techniques too.

While relatively new to teaching here at PHF, Sue Murray is certainly not new to sewing and quilting.  Her sewing adventures began over 30 years ago when she sewed dresses for her daughter.  Now she is an avid quilter and doll-dressmaker.  Sue loves the fabric selection process and her passion is adding to her stash!  She also gets very excited when her seams turn out straight.  Sue has learned that people are like fabric:  the more you have, the richer your life is!

Class Policies

Class Registration and Cancellation Policy

  • Registration for classes may be done by phone with a credit card or in person with any of the usual forms of payment. To receive a full refund, your cancellation notice must be given at least one week before class. (Example: The 3rd would be the last day to cancel a class that started on the 10th). If you cancel with less than one week’s notice and we are able to fill your spot we will issue a store credit. Otherwise, your fee will be forfeited.
  • Avoid Course Cancellations—Please register promptly to avoid disappointment.  Classes fill quickly; those that are under-subscribed will be canceled and you will be notified.
  • Class fee covers cost of instruction only unless otherwise noted.
  • Supply lists for each class will be available upon registration.  Every class has a supply list and it is your responsibility to get one.  Please remember to pick up your supply lists as soon as possible.
  • You will need to bring your own machine (in good working order) with you to class unless otherwise noted.  We sometimes have (a) machine(s) available to borrow, but please reserve it ahead of time to prevent any confusion.  
  • If a class is scheduled before or after regular store hours, the store will open 15 minutes before class time to accommodate students.
  • Due to federal copyright laws, we cannot photocopy books or patterns.  Thank you for understanding.
  • Please put your name on your supplies.  Everyone’s rulers, mats, and cutters look the same and it will help us determine to whom they belong should they get left behind.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume to class so that those with allergies may attend comfortable, too.
  • NO children or other guests are allowed in classes.  We all learn better without distractions.
  • Cell phones must be turned off during class or left at the front desk.  Please be courteous to your teacher and classmates and take or make calls during breaks or outside the classroom.
  • With so many variables to cover in regulating room temperature, you may want to consider bringing some layers which you can put on or take off to keep comfortable.  We do our best to make everyone happy, but we’re  all on different “thermostats”!